Wishing for an Improved Hay Day in the Future

A unique play for the farming simulation genre, Hay Day has you raising farm through beautiful 3D terrain that features multiple pathways, amazing elements and textures that can only be accessed through the mastery of a wide variety of engine. This is a fun game that only suffers from some spotty frame rates and a tendency to be repetitive.

Based in the not-too-distant future, Hay Day tells the story of a culture that has become too successful, and its citizens are bored with their easy lives. Only a lucky few still work 40-hour weeks and the rest of the society members have to while away their days in leisure. Some of the youth with nothing better to do begin to use their time to cultivate a farm.

There are 10 different characters to choose from and various different farms. The characters vary in their strength, and advantages while the farms are more specialized. There is a plants and animals that gets more are equally useful in its own right. There really isn’t a perfect combination, which plants and animals you pick will depend a great deal on your personal style of play.

Everything in the game except for your initial board must be earned. At first you must prove your skills through a series of test to convince your trainer to teach you new strategy. Learn enough tricks and portals to different parts of the farm begin to open up and the planting begins in earnest. For more useful strategy on Hay Day, just open this on your browser.

Graphically it’s not easy to find fault with Hay Day. The characters are large, well-animated figures and the levels are the best 3D farms to ever grace on mobile. A checkpoint based format sits inside wide open city blocks so, as long as you hit the checkpoints in order, you can choose your own paths through the farm. The feelings of flying through a real farm are numerous.

The one big downer in Hay Day though, is the complete lack of a sense of urgency. Perhaps the characters are intentionally generation Q slacker-types but that still doesn’t excuse the lackluster audio. The taunts and voice samples are uninspired and the music is just senseless techno-crap. Even the cheers when you win are half-hearted and bored sounding. I guess, this is where the game needs to improve in its updates. We will see how SuperCell will do their magic in order to give what the fans are looking for the game.